Historien om Oldskull:

Oldskull is a clothing brand from Thailand that was first introduced by “Raff Group 1982” in 2009. “Raff Group 1982” consists of a couple of young and trendy Bangkok based Thai designers. This was at a time when men were looking for a new vintage t-shirt style influenced by international vintage trends, the brand quickly adapted to their needs by respecting and honor three essential factors: fashion, price and quality. Since then, these essential factors made Oldskull the trendy people's choice of everyday wear around the world.

Oldskull store is known for trendy high quality products at reasonable prices. The driving force behind Oldskull is taking vintage t-shirt to the general public under the slogan “T-Shirt & Clothing for everyday wear”.

Oldskull considers general well-being to be the real aim of every business venture and is committed to making every working day a time for creativity. The brand's philosophy is based on respect, fairness and an ethical work vision, both within the company in its external relations.

We believe the t-shirt is the ultimate canvas for self-expression, wear to reflect yourself and your style.

Oldskull Express Collection is the he softest, smoothest, best-looking t-shirts available anywhere. Digital heat transfer series with a wide collection of prints that range from cool graphics to vintage inspired prints.

Welcome to The new age vintage style of Oldskull!

Gammelskalle AB / Oldskull Nordic är exklusiv distributör av varumärket Oldskull i Sverige, Norge, Danmark, Finland och Island.